Contract Conditions:


Conditions attached to the back of the Rental Agreement subject to change without notice. Last Updated: 1 MARCH 2022.

Any updates and changes to

Possibility of asking for leaflets updated our conditions at our branches. CONTRACT TERMS & CONDITIONS:

  1. Minimum age

    For groups A / B / C / D the minimum age is 21 years old (driving license issued at least 1 year compared to the rental start date). To hire the categories CC / F / H / AT/ 7-9 PAX the minimum age is 24 years old (driving license issued at least three years from the date of the starting rental). As per the provisions of the Highway Code, for cars with engine capacity of more than 1400 cc, must be at least 24 years old and possess a driving license issued at least three years.

  2. Driving License

    A valid driver's license will be required at the time of signing the rental agreement. The license must be legible and must bear the European characters. Photocopies or substitute any paper can not be allowed to rent a car with the OS. The customer must submit a Cat B driving license issued at least one year earlier than the start date of hire for categories A / B / C / D, a driver's license issued three years earlier than the start date of hire for groups CC / F / H / AT / 7-9 PAX.


    The driver must submit, when signing the rental agreement, a credit card of their ownership. The payment of hire is made by the major credit cards Financial: American Express, Master Card and Visa. ATM cards, Visa Electron, are treated as cash and therefore follow the rules provided for the rental cash.

    We also accepted electronic cards , debit cards and cash for the vehicle warranty.


    The requirement of credit card is not required for the leasing of the groups A /B / C / D. To hire these types of cars you can in fact leave a cash deposit. The customer must issue an advance deposit, plus the cost of the rental, the value of the allowance of € 1.200,00 (CDR or TLR allowance provided for the groups mentioned above) and the cost of 100.00 euro for any costs related to missing fuel and its refuelling Euro 20.00 .

    OS Rental, ensuring the correct classification of the customer, also requires the performance of the original I.D card, driving license and most recent pay check or, alternatively, a bill on telephone tapping or electricity headed to the driver. For the foreign customer is also required the performance of air travel with flight and return.

    The OS Rental reserves the right to refuse the rental in cash in case of no or insufficient qualifications of the Customer and / or if the customer is not considered eligible for hire "CASH" at the discretion of the OS.


    In the event of extension of the rental and to allow the extension of insurance coverage, the customer must contact the Office of OS Rental in which withdrew the car

  6. Tolerance Time, Delays and Advances.

    1. All customers who have booked the car hire services with OS Rental Italy, through the website of OS, travel agencies or brokers international, domestic and foreign tour operators and / or be online sales of OS and in partnership, should in case Delay in taking your car, notify the office of the OS delay in taking your car reservation.

      Therefore all those who have a voucher / booking car, in case later than the time indicated in the reservation will have to telephone the office OS Rental and confirm their arrival even if late.

      Customers which are later than the time indicated on the reservation and do not notify the office of OS will be expected up to a maximum of 60 minutes late, after such an interval could not find the car booked .It is advisable (for foreign customers and not only) in case of delay in departure the aircraft, advise of the delay and further confirm the booking a car, please note that delays often occur in the summer months or greater influx to national or religious holidays.

      OS Rental in ensuring the service of your car also needs confirmation in case of delay with a simple phone call. (+39 095 346800 Contact Center OS)

    2. At the end of the rental for all tariff segments a tolerance of 60 minutes, after that ,an extra day at standard rates. Therefore, this rule also applies to customers with prepaid vouchers, from the TO or Website OS or in partnership.

    3. If you pick up the car booked in advance, without any communication, the staff will be activated immediately OS Rental to find the car category booked as soon as possible, even if in advance in an appropriate way without damaging the other reservations.

      We however, please inform us of your arrival in advance of the scheduled time in your booking / voucher to bring useful to give any assistance.


    Insurance R.C. Vehicle (Included) with a maximum of Euro 7.750.000,00 per event

    OS Rental vehicles are insured for third party liability (RCA). The insurance of the vehicle includes: third party liability with a maximum of Euro 7.750.000,00. In the event of a claim, the customer must fill out the form with the CID counterpart OS Rental handed over to hire within 24 hours after the event.


    Reduce liability for damage to rental vehicle CDR-charge in all rates OS Rental includes the CDR is not an insurance cover, but a reduction in conventional and partial responsibility of the customer (the CDR partially removes the excess damages only in the presence of part) for damages due to accidents, or attempted theft, as well as theft and car accidents partial, limited to an allowance which varies according to the group hired:

    GROUP A/B / C / D EURO 900.00 GROUP CC/F / H / AT EURO 1.600.00 GROUP 7-9 PAX EURO 2.000.00

    Super CDR

    Total removal of the exemption for CDR damage to the vehicle: The super CDR is not a conventional insurance but a reduction of the Customer's responsibility.

    If the request is signed at time of rental, completely eliminates the damage CDR deductible only in the presence of a party, does not take effect if the accident occurred in the absence of a collision with another vehicle.

    Such limitation of liability clause does not include in any case

    damage to upholstery, wheels, the underside of the vehicle, the roof,windows, the crowning and the loss of the documents of the car when the accident occurred without a collision with another vehicle. The cost of Super CDR daily and varies with the vehicle group rented:

    GROUP A /B / C / D EURO 12.00 GROUP CC/ F / H / AT EURO 14.00 GROUP 7-9 PAX EURO 17.00


    Reduced liability for theft to the rented vehicle TLR-charge in all rates are inclusive OS Rental that TLR is not a cover, but a reduction in conventional and partial responsibility of the customer in case of theft or fire within the limits of a franchise which varies according to the group hired:

    GROUP A /B / C / D EURO 1.100.00 GROUP CC /F / H / AT EURO 1.900.00 GROUP 7-9 PAX EURO 2.900.00

    Super TLR:

    TLR total elimination of the exemption for the theft of the vehicle:

    The super TLR is not a cover, but a reduction of the conventional responsibility of the customer in case of theft. If the request is signed at time of rental, completely eliminates the exemption theft. In cases of theft or fire occurred in the Campania region, regardless of the station as it was supplied, the clause reduces the customer's responsibility to 50% of the value of the exemptions established. The customer decade, however, all the benefits of Super TLR clause for failure to return the keys to the car or the failure of delivery to OS Rental theft report to the competent police authorities, in those cases the customer is obligated to pay the OS Rental the full value of the vehicle according to the price Eurotax yellow. The cost of Super TLR day varies depending on the group's rented car:

    GROUP A /B / C / D EURO 8.00

    GROUP CC/ F / H / AT EURO 11.00 GROUP 7-9 PAX EURO 14.00


    Airport fees: 16% for rentals commencing at airports in office.

    Railway charges 6% for rentals commencing in offices at railway stations.

    Tours leave: If the car is returned at a station other than the beginning of the rental, the customer is required to pay a premium amounted to Euro 85.00. The cost varies for the trip to leave between Sardinia and Sicily and of Sardinia and mainland Italy or vice versa and is Euro 600.00.

    Supplements administrative expenses:

    The customer making a booking car OS, or who subscribe to the charter party, is aware that the vehicle which he is given is a good instrumental OS Rental for its activity, the customer agrees with the present custodian of the vehicle and keep it in the same condition in which he was entrusted by OS Rental in full compliance with the Highway Code in all its provisions without exclusion of any rule.

    Therefore, customers who rent with OS, authorizes the rental company to want to debit the card account the customer, or by sending an invoice, the total of EUR 55.00 + VAT as Administrative Expenses in the event that:

    1. The customer is received in the company (OS) or fines not paid due him from the lease agreement.

    2. If the customer return the damaged car (euro 55.00 + VAT per administration fee)

    3. If the customer were arrested for serious crimes to the vehicle due to the customer, the OS Rental charged EUR 55.00 + VAT per day for each day of the seizure of the vehicle. ( technical stop)

    4. If the address listed with a car OS damages for infringing use of any private, public, residential, etc. (€ 55.00 + vat )

    5. For any tolls not paid by the client a leading car rental OS regular contract fee (EUR 55.00 + VAT )


    The cars are given to rent with full fuel. On his return will be charged for any missing fuel plus a premium for non-supply of Euro 20.00.

    It is possible for customers who specifically ask it to pay rent at the beginning of the fuel that the car hire, thus avoiding the penalty of EUR 20.00 of non-supply and saving time for the return of the vehicle and its control to end of the rental without having to worry about finding the gas station to fill up the vehicle.


    Pick out time: The withdrawal of the car after closing time the office is allowed in most airports. Any claims must be agreed in advance with the office concerned.

    Additional driver: EURO 5.00 per day. Baby seat: Euro 30.00 per rental. Light Baby seat: Euro 15.00 per rental. After hours Euro 45.00 + vat per rental

    Penalty for damage or loss keys of the car Euro 300.00 + VAT


    Urban Area: 35.00 Euro variable depending on the distance from our office.

    All customers who wish to deliver and / or return to the hotel will still have to establish and pay the extra at the beginning of the rental with OS. Distance rate (areas outside the city): Euro 2.00 per km

  14. OS Rental - Contact Center.

    To give all customers the opportunity to get in touch with our staff, there is the number of the Contact Center OS + 39 095 346800 , operating daily from 08.00 to 24.00 and from fixed and mobile.

    The service is reserved for clients of OS Rental for information about reservations, cancellations, service and business contacts.

  15. On-Line PRE-PAID. OS

    The official site of OS Rental, you can book online you want to rent vehicles at our branches in the Italian territory. In all our website customers can book 24 hours in advance of the date of expected pick-up. In addition, if the client so wished you can book online and pay in advance rent service in the our web site. OS e-commerce page allows all customers to have to pay and confirm your booking car guaranteeing the booking.

    We should remember, our patrons, who can book from the site of OS and thus enter their payment information, the following are key points:

    A-Name of the driver of the vehicle.

    B-A credit card (financial) must be registered to the driver of the vehicle or the person making the reservation.

    C-We can not accept electronic cards for the vehicle warranty.

    D-The driver / customer of the vehicle including all services must provide accurate addresses and phone numbers.

    E-Customer for each car reservations must furnish / with a credit card to guarantee the rental.

    F-It is not permissible to make multiple reservations, every booking is equivalent to the successful removal of a vehicle.

  16. Terms of booking on the OS website.

Make a booking on our website OS.

A reservation (confirmed or not) does not constitute any contract for the provision of rental services. The rental agreement you will have to 'act of withdrawal by the customer, the rental car location and will be governed by the laws of the country where the vehicle is actually given by the customer.


OS Rental , a wholly owns and operates this Web site for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions Your use of this website therefore indicates your agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions to rent a car OS without drivers.

Privacy statement

Any personal information you provide when you use this Web site will be used in accordance with the rule governing the use of sensitive customer data.

Property rights

The trademark, copyright and other intellectual property rights on parts of this website (as well as its structure and configuration) together with the codes of the software are owned directly by OS rental. Without our written permission, you may not copy, modify, alter, publish, circulate, distribute, sell or transfer, in whole or in part, any part of our website, however the content of this website may

be downloaded, printed or copied for your personal use and never for commercial use.


You agree to indemnify and exempt from any liability, any losses, claims and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) relating to your violation of even one article of our Terms & Conditions.

Rental Voucher (Pre-Paid voucher).

The customer who rents the car OS Rental, presenting at the inception of the contract prepaid voucher of the rental fee by other companies affiliated with OS RENTAL, agrees and acknowledges becoming its first load of the following points:

  1. - The customer is responsible with their credit card for payment of any cost if the charter operator who had issued the voucher has not released the commercial can be found at OS RENTAL for submission of invoices for fees due to OS Rental.

  2. - A customer who has rented a car with OS RENTAL, confirms receipt of the payment of the rental service, so the customer takes notice and shall bear the cost of the rental payments only if the only ' operator who issued the voucher against OS Rental become insolvent for the services requested and provided.

  3. - The guest who had prepaid the rental car with OS Rental, recognizes all the damage done by his company to the less or the rental agreement as listed:

A: In the event of payments not paid To os car rental from the Operator or broker, the customer with pre-paid voucher will pay with his credit card financial cost of leasing to standard rates in force at that time of year commercial where he rented the vehicle.

B: In case of failure of the operator or broker who had issued the pre-paid voucher for the booking of the car with OS Rental, the customer with his credit card will be required to reimburse the OS Rental of the rental cost plus administrative costs debit collection and legal.

C: The customer agrees and takes the responsibility to pay the following fees for the above points, letters and numbers in this way below:

Example Daily Rate:

Auto A/B Group € 60.00 per day tax included. Auto C Group € 70.00 per day tax included. Auto D Group € 75.00 per day tax included.

Auto F/H/CC /AT € 85.00 per day tax included. Auto 7-9 pax € 110,00 per day tax included.

Links to Other Web Sites

The OS web site may have links to other Internet sites. We do not endorse any of them not liable for the veracity and accuracy of information, materials, offers, products or services

contained on or accessible through such sites. L 'access to or use of such web sites is solely your option and risk.

Permitted use of our website OS Rental.

You can use our Web site exclusively to these Terms and Conditions, and in any event, for lawful and valid, which means respecting each article of the law, regulation or code in force in Italy or other jurisdiction from which you have access to our site.

In particular, you agree with us you will not:

  1. Do not record, transmit or distribute through, no information could be harmful, obscene, defamatory or otherwise unlawful;

  2. Do not use our Web site so as to cause or likely to cause, or violation of any rights of third parties;

  3. Do not make reservations unauthorized, false or fraudulent or illegal purposes or for criminal or terrorist activity.

  4. Do not use programs, routings or devices to interfere with, groped or electronically interfering with the operation or functionality of our WEBSITE OS, through whatever means, of a virus or corrupted data files;

  5. Do not attempt to deface, alter or interfere with the inserter on the home page of the website or the code of its operating software;

  6. Do not enter reservations in the OS drive from the site, false documents, stolen credit cards nor found or other people's ownership of and / or dubious compliance. OS Rental, not only have the right to cancel and / or cancel your car reservation but will protect their corporate image, its ethical code, and protect their intellectual with the police to charge not only of collaboration, but also to protect the property of OS Rental crime or should it be determined only tempted. Without prejudice to any other right (by law), we reserve the right to:

A-to cancel your reservation without your key reference, and / or

B-deny you access to our Web site; (OS)

If we believe (in Our absolute discretion) that you are violating an point: Terms Conditions. Cancellations and / or waiver of bookings from the website of OS.

In OS Rental you can delete, modify or even cancel the booking of the vehicle took place through our e-commerce site.

Such an opportunity, is valid for all customers who make timely request 24 hours prior to arrival in office for vehicle pick OS pre-booked.

So customers who want it may request a cancellation by sending an email to the booking office at OS: confirming they are no longer willing to pick up the vehicle.

If you could not send the email, customers are welcome to contact our hotline Contact Center every day from 08.00 to 24.00 at: + 39 095 346800

We recall that any cancellations received 24 hours in advance will not be subject to criminal and / or objections by OS Rental.

For all reservations will be cancelled by customers who drive without proper and due notice of 24 hours, the OS Rental reserves the right to apply to customers who do not report the cancellation with due notice, a commission form of a penalty equal to 20% of 'amount of the reservation that was confirmed by OS.


For customers, once you have confirmed your car’s booking, were not present at the office of OS within 30 minutes for removal of the vehicle, the OS Rental not only will no longer provide the service, but will automatically harmless from any loss by the customer will be "absent" for the withdrawal of the vehicle, the customer can not perform any request by way of "payback" against OS Rental in this case, since OS Rental a guarantee of customer service to every car reservation confirmation that not only supports costs for servicing but is responsible for all internal and external costs to the availability of the vehicle, its employees and those ancillary services that exist for circuited the vehicle before being delivered to the client booked.

OS Rental reserves in case of No Show, to turn over completely the same cost of car rental customers who previously had an explicit request.

By using our service, site, rates the customer automatically accepts these Conditions of Hire.


We empower all customers to have faith in this company document and print it to the appropriate recommendations and / or advice in using our vehicles, in compliance with company procedures, traders, employees, pricing and insurance asset management company card credit in the form of electronic money.

We always recommend the most respect for traffic laws and the landscape around us for the good and safety of all.